Gran Caribe Cancun Venues-220Over the past several years, destination weddings have become increasingly popular for various reasons. Not only can you celebrate your wedding with family and close friends, but you can party for a few days with them, and spend your honeymoon in the same romantic place. Destination weddings also cut down on the traditional wedding costs in some instances, because you will still be able to invite those 250+ guests, but only a small percentage of those invited will actually be able to attend. Destination weddings also allow the bride and groom to choose the perfect setting for their event, whether it be a romantic seaside getaway, a cruise destination, or a fun filled Las Vegas trip, destination weddings are exciting for all who attend!

When planning a destination wedding, here are some”don’ts” when selecting your destination wedding favors:

  • Candles, chocolates, and candy can melt. It does not matter if you are not traveling to a warm climate, if you plan on taking your favors on a plane, the cargo holding areas can be quite hot. You should eliminate these favor ideas from your list.
  • Glass can break and anything you feel has the potential to be break – cross that off your list as well.
  • Item weight. Let’s face it – you will be traveling not only with all your normal vacation items, but also with all your bridal items as well. Carrying another 30 plus pounds is not something you, your groom, or your attendants want to do.
  • Don’t plan on having your favors shipped internationally. Not only is international shipping expensive, your favors could potentially get lost in customs, broken during handling, or heavily taxed by the government.