Gran Caribe Cancun Venues-22There’s nothing more romantic than a historic love story that perseveres through time – just one of the reasons why vintage weddings are such an extremely popular trend in the wedding industry right now. Just look online and you’ll see beautiful retro, nostalgic and vintage wedding ideas all over the web. With all of the different types of vintage weddings out there and all the different eras to choose from, it can seem pretty overwhelming to start planning. Sometimes focusing on one kind of decoration or accessory can help flush out the overall theme. Here’s an overview of some delightful vintage wedding accessories to get you started.

First, it’s important to get an idea of what kind of vintage wedding you want. If you can’t nail down any particular era, think of your favorite kind of music, your favorite fashion trends, or your favorite types of décor. If you really love the look of apothecary jars you might want to go with a 19th century-themed wedding. If Audrey Hepburn is your style icon, you might want to go with a mod 60s-style wedding. Or if you like specific things from different eras, you can always mix things up and have a vintage wedding with no particular time period.

Whichever type of nostalgia you love, you don’t have to buy expensive authentic vintage wedding favors, accessories or decorations, and you don’t need a time machine either! You can get all the glamour and style of your favorite time period (without the worry of something breaking) from many bridal websites.