“You can´t lose when you look this good…”


The ceremony  is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process, because at will be something you and your families will remember forever.


The cocktail will be the perfect time to have fun and capturing memories with your family and friends. 


From traditional to contemporary, formal to informal, you can count on grupo gama to turn your vision into a memorable reception. 


Weddings are a celebration of love commitment, couple’s, religion and culture, Our goal is to always deliver a Hindu wedding ceremony service from the heart.


Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is beautiful, unique and as breathtaking as the wedding itself, trust in us placing the wedding of your dreams.


We offers modern and tranding wedding furniture for that special day, As a bride, furniture is one the most important thinks on you wedding planning checklist.


Choosing the diferents textures, colors and linens reflects your style and taste to create a remarkable weddings, grupo gama can help you see your dream come to life. 


Wedding flowers are the details that make all  the diferents on you wedding, a visual and colorful experience like no other.

Dear bride: Your ideal wedding just a click to come true